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Avatar Rotation Doubled in SocialStarter sample scene

I tried running the SocialStarter sample scene provided by Oculus using two Samsung GearVR but it has so many bugs. First of all, the height of the avatar is not correct, which I managed to fix it it by changing the HEIGHT_OFFSET in P2PManager.cs to -1.05f. However, I cannot fix the rotation bug whereby the rotation of the avatar of the other player is doubled. For example, if person A turn his head by 45 degrees in the real world, the avatar in the virtual world turns around by 90 degrees from the view of person B.

I need to integrate social features on my application, anyone has any ideas on this bug?


  • SkyMageSkyMage Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    edited November 2017
    So... the issue with the avatar height was reported here 2 months ago, and no more information has been offered. And version 1.19.0 was released without fixing it. That's discouraging.
  • 3DDarren3DDarren Posts: 25 Oculus Start Member
    Hello I'm using version 1.24.0 and this issue is still happening. When will this be fixed or is there a way to modify the controller script to fix this?
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