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Oculus VST Plugin for DAW's needs further development for use in music.

EmpireRexEmpireRex Posts: 1
Hello everyone.  I'm an Electronic Music Producer that goes by EMPire REX.  I am trying to make 4 Dimensional music, the 4th dimension being time.  There is a lab in Hungary, called the 4DSound Institute which has been researching and developing for 4D sound for music, VR and more since 2007, but they are for Ableton users only and you have to actually go to the institute in Hungary to use the hardware/software, which can be rather expensive.  On the other hand, I just downloaded the Oculus VST for DAW's for free.  It's not exactly user friendly, yet, however.  At least not for music in any case.

I was wondering if the developers here could make a few ugrades so it can be used for a whole musical production as well.  First and foremost is the need to amplify sounds that are being squashed to fit into a certain area of space.  Whenever I put this plugin on any sound to specify where exactly I want the sound to appear, I tend to completely lose the sound altogether.  Secondly, I need the ability to automate the flow of the sound in 4D as time moves forward.  In other words, in order to make a sound spiral around ones head, I need to be able to automate the X,Y and Z axis in envelopes.  Right now, it is set so that you have to record a sound multiple times changing one axis at a time while recording, and then bring it back into the DAW.  This could all be done away with with what are called "automation envelopes" for all the controls in the plugin.

Any developers interested in taking up this challenge?  I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate it.  

Thanks in advance.  ^_^


  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,625 Oculus Staff

    Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums.

    This sounds really cool! I'm going to leave this post here for visibility in the hope that some interested developers will take you up on this challenge. Happy developing!
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