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How can i make a "The Sims" type game if the editor can't handle it(lags minutes when press play)

nerdVRBuddynerdVRBuddy Posts: 66
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If i have too many assets the editor lags upwards of 10 minutes or more upon pressing play. But to make a The Sims type game i would need lots of assets. Is it possible?  I'd be Using Unity 5.6


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 299
    Thats a very broad question. Of course you can make a game like that, but if you're having that significant of a performance problem its most likely down to your implementation. 

    Have a look at various optimization techniques, start here if you haven't already
  • nerdVRBuddynerdVRBuddy Posts: 66
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    edited September 13
    I don't think it's implementation as i can just load assets to my project and it will give me the lag even if i don't have any code OR Even if not all the assets are used in a scene
  • kojackkojack Posts: 3,649 Volunteer Moderator
    Are all of the assets in a format that Unity can use natively?

    Here's a danger, you can give Unity assets in formats like .max (3ds max) and .mb (maya). But Unity can't really read those formats, instead it opens a copy of Max or Maya (if you have them installed) in the background and asks them to export to a temporary FBX file that is then used. That's going to cause massive lag. Instead every asset (3d models, audio, textures, etc) should provided in Unity friendly formats so less preprocessing is needed before a run.

    That might not be the problem you are having, but 10min startup sounds like it.

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