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Oculus "exits" to menu, when taking of headset (Standalone application)

So I've just updated an existing standalone Unity Oculus solution, and it has been installed on a newly set-up PC. The problem is, when the app is running, if the user takes off the headset, and puts it on again, Oculus returns to the Oculus Home, and you have to go find the app again! 
This does not happen on three seperate other computers (Newest updates installed), only two of them developer machines.

Any ideas? I've been unable to find anything on this issue...


  • CadpeopleCadpeople Posts: 5
    edited September 2017
    I've created an application in Unity that displays 360 photos. I just recently added a few photos and built it again. I'm not saying that it's definitely not an issue with my application, but if it is I'm 100% stumped, especially since it's working on three other computers (With Oculus Rift CV1) :/

    Please let me know the details of this install on the newly set-up PC. Also, if it works on three separate machines, what is the difference between them that comes to mind? When a user takes off the HMD the application should remain open and paused in the app's menu.

    Paused in the menu? In all my experience, it should return directly into the app, not paused. it's never been like that before, is that a new setting that's on by default?

  • CadpeopleCadpeople Posts: 5

    Could you private message me your developer organization ID?


    I actually may have found the cause: In the Oculus Unity SDK, there's a "Run in background" setting, that used to override Unitys own "Run in Background" setting. This was fixed before the launch of the Oculus rift consumer version. I have not had a chance to test it yet, but it might be that this setting was accidentially set to override Unity's setting, in a recent firmware/driver update! 

    I hope that makes sense to you, or at least the engineering team ;)
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