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Gear VR lag after returning from "Back to Oculus Home?" screen

southpacsouthpac Posts: 19

So I've implemented the "back" button functionality as per specs and while testing it I noticed that when I tap the "back" button and the "Return to Oculus Home?" appears and I cancel it and return to the scene I was on the game starts to noticeably lag. It feels like the Oculus Home screen is still doing something in the background. Has anyone ever come a cross this issue before?



  • southpacsouthpac Posts: 19
    @imperativity Thank you for the reply. At first I couldn't find a thread for this specific issue as the other thread only figures out why the issue is happening only half way through the first page. I'm happy to delete this one (if I can) but maybe it's better to keep this one alive as it is about the specific issue from the beginning which might be useful for people searching for this.
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