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GEAR VR Touch Input without Utilities (SOLVED)

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edited September 2017 in Unity Development
Hi, I'm just curious how I could implement GEAR Touch Input without the full Utilities package. Unity as you know supports VR generic cam which is helpful for cross platform support. 

I tried importing the Input.Touch script on its own but it did not seem to work when Touch Handlers were setup. Instead of tap inputs for Up Down etc the camera would just rotate when touching the input. 

I then tried importing all the utilities for further testing. It seemed the GearVrControllerTest scene would only work when the OVR Camera was live. I tried testing the canvas within the OVR Cam with the test script via a normal Unity camera rig and suddenly touch stopped again.

I suppose my question is what are the dependencies for Touch support, what are the bare minimum scripts for support in Unity? I like simplicity. Thanks



  • BeloudestBeloudest Posts: 12
    Brain Burst
    Oh please ignore me, I'd added mouse look to my cam rig and was building an old scene each time and was getting some weird results. Durrrr!
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