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Unity Native Spatializer

alit87alit87 Posts: 1
I'm a little confused about the differences between the Native Oculus Spatializer that comes with Unity 2017 and the one you download from Dev's page, version 1.17. I place my sounds using the one that comes with Unitty, but nce I import the 1.17 SDK all of my sounds gets really attenuated, and Its supposed to be the same engine, right?


  • The built in unity integration only has the HRTF from the Oculus spatializer and uses the normal attenuation curves. The Oculus Unity Spatializer plugin from our package exposes the latest and greatest features. This includes: attenuation, spatial reflections, ambisonics, volumetric sounds, near-field spatialization.

    The default attenuation parameter attenuate over a short distance - you can control the attenuation using the attenuation range min/max parameters. It is important to remove the Unity attenuation if the Oculus attenuation is enabled otherwise the sound will be double attenuated. You can disable the oculus attenuation if you prefer to use the Unity attenuation controls, but we recommend using ours because it can achieve better spatialization.

    There is more information about all of the parameters in the documentation:

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