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Oculus Home has closed unexpectedly

ki7aki7a Posts: 42 Oculus Start Member
I'm getting "Oculus Home has closed unexpectedly". This is happening when I enter my app on the Preview Apps with GearVR on. My App is actually running without issues, if I install it from Oculus Preview Apps from mobile without the GearVR on.
So after I install it, I can then even enter to Preview Apps and see my app video and the cubemap and app details, without this error. So this is very weird, yet it can imply where the issue is. Please help!


  • ki7aki7a Posts: 42 Oculus Start Member
    Hi, thanks for the answer, I am still having this issue. I've deleted all apps (all were in test mode), created a new version, bundle id, signed key. for a while, I've thought it was solved, cause I could see suddenly 2 apps in My Preview Apps. But, They've disappeared! This is very weird.
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