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Need hand models for Blender

Why are the downloadable hand models only available for Maya? As a solo Indie I can't afford any licensing costs atm.
I tried to use a trial version of Maya to export the hand models but didn't really succeed.

I have already created custom hand models and animations in blender, but matching orientation and location without reference is impossible.
If you have good reference model that matches the hands when exporting from Blender to Unity, please share them.


  • KianoniKianoni Posts: 17
    Tried again with the trial version of Maya.
    Maya->Blender->Unity.. and the hands are offset from the controller, and rotated.
    I guess I have to manually fiddle those into correct position, I'll promise to share a template once I get it right.
  • lamour42lamour42 Posts: 119
    If you are a programmer, there is an alternative: Use Avatar SDK to query all meshes and animations for the hands. However, you would need to write the output code yourself that does export to a format blender can understand. 

    For sample code using right-handed OpenGL code you could look at the 'Mirror' sample in the Avatar SDK. ShadedPath engine (https://github.com/ClemensX/ShadedPath12 ) has code for left-handed DirectX 12 code. There is a method VR::writeOVRMesh() that saves Avatar meshes in a private format. You could use that code as a starting point. (Shaded Path engine can import from blender via Collada format, but not export.)
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