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Gear VR with 1.18.1 utilities constantly complains about plugin versions in 2017.1.1

flarbflarb Posts: 68
Hiro Protagonist
Im using the latest oculus unity utilities with 2017.1.1p2. I upgraded the plugin and deleted the old 1.14 plugin folder. But in the logcat, I constantly see this error:

ovrp_GetAppHasFocus only available in 1.18 and newer plugins

There’s a bunch of similar errors in the log. Is it possible unity is still building with 1.14?

I even deleted the library folder and reimported everything to no avail. 


  • yur0culusyur0culus Posts: 1
    edited October 2017
    i still have the same issue where logcat gets spammed with warning logs; 
    Unity: ovrp_GetAppHasInputFocus only available on 1.18 and newer plugins 
    Unity: ovrp_GetAppHasSystemOverlayPresent only available on 1.18 and newer plugins ;

    I am using Unity 2017.1.1.p4; I have deleted 1.14 folder, updated to Oculus utilities 1.18.1, then in Unity Editor selected Tools/Oculus/Update Oculus Utilities plugin -> popup is shown "OVRPlugin is already up-to-date. Current version 1.18.1. Bundled version 1.14.1"...   
    So it seems that OVRPlugin is updated to 1.18.1 , but  somehow i still have these warning logs. Any suggestions?  Any other way to update to OVRPlugin 1.18.1?
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