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GearVR apps built with Unity 2017.2.0b11 won't resume after completing IAP on Samsung Galaxy S7

edearledearl Posts: 20
  • Download OVRPlatformSDK_v1.18.0
  • Open VrBoardGame sample in Unity 2017.2.0b11
  • In Player Settings, change Install Location to Automatic (to allow uploading the package to a release channel)
  • Build an Android package
  • Set up an app in the Oculus dashboard
  • Set up an IAP SKU named "PowerballPack1"
  • Upload the Android package to a release channel and add a user
  • On Samsung Galaxy S7 device, download and run the app
  • In the app, go to "Buy More". The store launches successfully
  • Either complete the store transaction or cancel it
  • Expected: the app resumes and processes the purchase. Actual: black screen; the app never resumes.
  • Task switch away and then back to the app: logcat shows the message "Timeout while trying to pause the Unity Engine."
I have verified the same behaviour in a new hand-written project. It's the same whether using an actual headset or the Gear VR Service developer mode.

Any ideas, please?


  • edearledearl Posts: 20

    Thanks for the response! I decided to try the latest non-beta version of Unity: 2017.1.1f1. The issue is not present in this version. Apps resume correctly after the store flow completes.
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