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Live video streaming to Oculus Rift

I want to buy an Oculus Rift, but before I wanted to learn about its feateres.
What is the easiest way to directly stream video from 180-360 camera (for example samsung gear 360 2017) to Oculus rift? Is it possible without the Internet?
Or, camera streams to a computer, and computer is connected to oculus rift. What software will I need?
Camera and Oculus rift are going to be very near to each other, in the same LAN. 
What is the minimal lag time possible in that scenario?
Thanks in advance!


  • marksy95marksy95 Posts: 2
    I have been searching for this answer as well. Closest I can get is finding the right camera that allows you to access the raw video feed via the camera IP address.
  • SlayeminSlayemin Posts: 43 Oculus Start Member
    I would tentatively think that you'd have to build an application to do this. It shouldn't be *too* hard, you'd just take in the video feed and apply it to a texture render target, and then take that texture target and apply it to a material, and then you apply that material to a sphere with inverted normals. The hard part would be getting your game engine to pull in the video stream, so you'd probably have to read up on the API documentation on how they support it.
  • mimphiskhanmimphiskhan Posts: 1

    I've hopped into the Beta channel and downloaded 1.34.

    I get the 'Edit Avatar' option now within my settings, but I haven't found out to Livestream. I have tried Dead & Buried (as one of the apps named that allows Livestreaming) and there is no option as shown in the Oculus Blog screenshot. Any ideas.

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