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I cannot find my osig number

I want to run an app in Unity.
I have followed the instructions, I put the 18digit to generate the osig but when I am trying to download the file it says error and it cannot be opened. 
Have tried to debug my S7 through USB but no luck. I am on a MacBook pro. Could anybody suggest me what could I do?


  • Hi,

    Could you provide some additional information here regarding how you are encountering this issue? The following details would be very helpful in narrowing this down so I can attempt to reproduce your issue:

    1) Which browser are you using?
    2) What version of Android Studio do you have installed?
    3) Mac OS Version.
    4) Screenshot of the error that you are seeing.

    I've just tested and the OSIG Generator is working as expected on my end (also Macbook Pro and using Galaxy S8). 

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