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Logging Capabilities via SDK

rbierigrbierig Posts: 2
I have a very high-level question.

Is it possible to log or the following types of information via the Oculus SDK (while e.g. using the DK2): head position with 3D coordinates/directions, eye positions, hand/controller positions, buttons pressed, the image the user is currently seeing (or video?). Is this provided by the SDK or is there a way to obtain this directly from the hardware? Or is this only accessible (and better caught) via a gaming engine, such as Unreal, that interfaces to Oculus?

I only have a very basic understanding of the hardware and the SDK and want to get a better understanding of getting to low-level sensor information. I am thinking about a small project that simply records these types of low-level information and possibly getting to some derived higher-level movement information (e.g. gestures) . Any help pointing me to sections of the SDK, other documentation, other VR projects and/or tools would be highly appreciated.

So far, I have looked at the Avatar, the Sound SDK, and the PC SDK but was only able to find very high-level information about gaming. Am I looking in the wrong place?
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