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How can I download my alpha if I've built from Unity?

johnjoseph_cakewalkjohnjoseph_cakewalk Posts: 6
edited October 2017 in Oculus Go Development
Hi All, 

I've been working on a Unity GearVR app for some time. Things have been fine, but recently I tried uploading to the oculus store in an alpha channel. The upload succeeded and I can see my app in my library, but that's where things get strange. 

Firstly I don't think the app actually downloads to my phone. It says it's installed but always tells me there's a new update. When I try and update it says "Download started", gets to 128kb, and then the download stops (but I still have a pending update.) If I ignore the update and launch my app then what I see is my most recent build deployed over USB, not the one on the store (I tested this pretty explictly by adding a bunch of nonsense to my local build and then running my app from Oculus Home.)

I think that instead of downloading my alpha it's just using whatever I built and deployed on the phone last.  I tried removing the app from the Oculus Home library I get an error saying "Could not uninstall app", so I can't try and do a fresh install. 

This is a problem for me because I really have no idea what's on the store right now. I 'm almost certain that it's not what I see when I launch from Oculus home because I've added a ton of stuff since my upload. However I have no way of actually running the alpha build on the store myself because I keep launching my most recent Unity build. I tried removing any .APK that contains my app before downloading / updating from the Oculus store but it didn't make a difference. 

TL;DR I think the Oculus Home isn't overwriting local builds of my app, and I'd like to rectify it so that I can test what I've put on the store. 

Thanks for any help, 
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