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Thumbstick movement + hands?

jyfchen57jyfchen57 Posts: 5
Hey all,
I've been using the sample scenes in the oculus framework for my project. As we have a somewhat large area to cover with movement and we don't have the space to do a lot of room scale movement, I wanted to have a solution where I control the movement with the thumbstick but still have hands that can grab and interact with things. How do I do this?

I've been using the avatarwithgrab scene and the outdoor movement scene as a basis, and I tried having a playercontroller parent with a localavatar child...

Problem with that is that while the hands work fine, moving around is annoying as the controller parent includes a unity-given character controller that has a capsule collider. That capsule collider stays in the midle position within the player bounds while the entire parent, with the player and bounds included, moves. So often you'll be at a different place and still get collisions over nothing or be able to move into something because the collider isn't attached to the player, just the player bounds/parent.

How do I have a collider attached to the player that moves with the player as their position is tracked while still being able to move the whole thing with the thumb stick?
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