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unity in the use of oculus

352362919352362919 Posts: 6
Hello, I would like to use oculus in the unity, the use of dk2 runtime0.7.0, oculus integration1.18.1, a new project into the integration package, the perfab ontrollerController dragged to the scene, DK2 device does not show the scene。。How to solve the question?


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Moving to the Unity section. However, those old runtime won't really work for development with recent SDKs. You will have to uninstall the old runtime and use the latest Rift app. https://www.oculus.com/setup/
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  • 352362919352362919 Posts: 6
    Hello, if I use the latest runtime, in the unity into ovr_unity_utilities_1.18.1, Unity v5.6.3f1, Oculus Utilities v1.18.1, OVRPlugin v1.18.1, it can work properly? Thanks, do you need to import other packages?
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