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Player (local avatar) can walk away from his body (Character controller)!?

tkdHayktkdHayk Posts: 32 Oculus Start Member
I'm implementing Thumbpad locomotion + Avatar like so:

           Tracking Space
                  Local Avatar

The above setup works well, with one big problem: when I walk around in physical space, the OVRCameraRig moves around in Virtual Space, leaving behind the OVRPlayerController. it basically means the player can walk away from his/her body. What I need is for the Character controller to behave like a child of the OVRCameraRig, except the its X and Z rotation values to not be affected by the OVRCameraRig. There are a few ways to do this through scripting but I haven't gotten a clean solution and I'm wondering how other people have done this. This has been done in ONWARD and GORN to name a few. The player should be able to move his charactercontroller by either the thumbstick or by roomscale movement.



  • tkdHayktkdHayk Posts: 32 Oculus Start Member

    Let me check into this and see if I can find some documentation on how to achieve this.

    I'll update this thread at such time I have or have not located this information for you.
    thank you imperativity.

    I just need the OVTPlayerController to move to follow the OVRCameraRig to prevent me from walking away from my body.  I don't think there is anything in documentation detailing how to get this done. 

  • DabszuDabszu Posts: 2 Oculus Start Member
    Hey guys, did you ever work out a solution to this?

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