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Cross Platform Android Manifest Daydream GearVR

Hi is there a way to setup Unity so that I can just do a  build and run and get an apk that will work for both GearVR as well as Daydream.
As per my understanding GearVR has some specific requirements, which is why I'm asking here (but still a noob).
While I can manually write an Editor Build script and modify the AndroidManifest, would be nice if there was a 'native' way to go about this.


  • palii90palii90 Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
    I don't think there is a working native way for this problem at this moment. Both platform have some mutually exclusive requirements in the AndroidManifest. (permission request, intent category etc.) But if you find a good solution please let me know.
  • threyeinteractivethreyeinteractive Posts: 2
    @palii90 I've so for written an Editor Build script that swaps out the pre-created manifests.
    Will work on it a bit more so that the bundle version gets auto incremented.
    So far this seems the best way to go about it.

    Unity forum Link

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