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Ignore Oculus hand shader unit test in git

Hiro Protagonist
Hello Community!

I want to use the built in Avatar hands and hand shaders for a current project, but the problem is if I have the shader included on git and do a unit test via git, the shader makes the unit test hang up for about 40 minutes because it's rebuilding the shader in git (which it should be doing for a project when unit testing). Without the Avatar shaders, it's about 4-5 min. 

I was curious if there is a solution to either optimizing the shader/have Unity ignore the shaders when doing a unit test?


    Hiro Protagonist

    This is a known issue with Avatars at this time and there is no current fix for accelerating this import.
    Ahh sad day :(. I'll just keep an eye out for a new update of the OVR Avatar shader changes
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