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using Unity v5.6.3f1, Oculus Utilities v1.19.0, OVRPlugin v1.19.0, Platform SDK v1.19.0, Avatar SDK 1.16.0

How does one go about enabling / disabling the base cone on a given avatar?
also, should the pivot point of an avatar appear at its eye level, or at the roof of its base?


  • SkyMageSkyMage Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    I just want two players to join a match, and stand face to face. By pivot point, i meant the transform position of the gameobject. Sorry about that.
    It seems that when avatars render a base cone, it lifts the rest of the body up by a couple meters. I would assume the intended functionality is the regardless of the components used, all avatars would instantiate  such that they can look eachother in the eye when standing on level ground. Nobody should be 2.6m tall, should they?
    I'll share anything I figure out.
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