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Incorrect Texture Data


I have been creating an app for oculus gear but having a strange exeption. Is says,

NotImplementedException: Unsupported texture format Count.

Which I further diagnosed and found that the texture format of some of the body part of avatar is getting count with x, y and mipCounts as 1024, 1024, 11 respectively.

I am just trying to skip those texture but can we have a stable solution to it.

I am using 1.20 version of all sdk's.



  • ViaccessOrcaDevVRViaccessOrcaDevVR Posts: 4

    I have same error and get these assetID logs :

    OVR asset ID : 1327753530636353
    OVR asset ID : 1920164784864405
    OVR asset ID : 1957095451187014

    Could you see what is causing the exception ?

    Thx !
  • ViaccessOrcaDevVRViaccessOrcaDevVR Posts: 4
    Do you have you some news about these errors ?
    We are currently faced to crash issues, could you figure it out ?

  • l0g1kl0g1k Posts: 47 Oculus Start Member
    Is there any update with this? I get this error on GearVR

    Unity 2017.1.2p3
    Avatar SDK 1.20
    Utilities 1.21

  • l0g1kl0g1k Posts: 47 Oculus Start Member
    OK, in my testing we can bypass this by simply removing the exception handling code and doing an early return instead.

    Asset IDs which caused the error

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