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Exception: Could not find texture for asset...

Whenever I switch scenes in Unity, I start getting this error:

Exception: Could not find texture for asset 13988420788905142920
OvrAvatarComponent.GetLoadedTexture (UInt64 assetId) (at Assets/OvrAvatar/Scripts/OvrAvatarComponent.cs:356)
OvrAvatarComponent.UpdateAvatarMaterial (UnityEngine.Material mat, ovrAvatarMaterialState matState) (at Assets/OvrAvatar/Scripts/OvrAvatarComponent.cs:284)
OvrAvatarProjectorRenderComponent.UpdateProjectorRender (.OvrAvatarComponent component, ovrAvatarRenderPart_ProjectorRender render) (at Assets/OvrAvatar/Scripts/OvrAvatarProjectorRenderComponent.cs:33)
OvrAvatarComponent.UpdateAvatar (ovrAvatarComponent component, .OvrAvatar avatar) (at Assets/OvrAvatar/Scripts/OvrAvatarComponent.cs:214)
OvrAvatar.UpdateAvatarComponent (ovrAvatarComponent component) (at Assets/OvrAvatar/Scripts/OvrAvatar.cs:216)
OvrAvatar.UpdateSDKAvatarUnityState () (at Assets/OvrAvatar/Scripts/OvrAvatar.cs:349)
OvrAvatar.Update () (at Assets/OvrAvatar/Scripts/OvrAvatar.cs:504)

I am using version 1.20.0 of both Oculus Utilities and Oculus Avatar, and Unity 2017.1.1f1.

This results in the models of the touch controller and my hands freezing, while inputs and positioning still function properly.

Thanks for any help you can offer me!


  • PatrickReynoldsBOKAPPatrickReynoldsBOKAP Posts: 5
    Some further information.  

    This only seems to happen when I use Don'tDestroyOnLoad() with the avatar object, and use LoadSceneMode.Single instead of LoadSceneMode.Additive.
  • PatrickReynoldsBOKAPPatrickReynoldsBOKAP Posts: 5
    edited December 2017
    For anyone else who comes across this problem, I managed to figure out a way to fix it. 

    The problem seems to stem from the OvrAvatarSDKManager object not surviving the new scene load.  To fix this, once the first scene has been loaded, I find the OvrAvatarSDKManager object, and add a script to it that marks it as Don'tDestoryOnLoad.  

    To the Oculus Devs, would it be possible to include an option to automatically set the manager as DontDestroyOnload?  Or does this already exist and I just missed it?
  • PatrickReynoldsBOKAPPatrickReynoldsBOKAP Posts: 5
    edited December 2017

    Don'tDestroyOnLoad functioned fine, once I added it.  I just had to do so manually, and was wondering if there was an automatic way to do this.
  • LucasRizzottoLucasRizzotto Posts: 11
    Brain Burst
    This is also happening to me. Very frustrating bug.
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