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Help needed: Failing submission because of judder on S7 Edge with Snapdragon (all others are ok)

GeorgeCristianTudorGeorgeCristianTudor Posts: 13 Oculus Start Member

As the title states, we are failing the GearVR submission requirements for our game (Marble Land), because of performance on the S7 Edge with the Snapdragon chipset. 
This only happens on this particular phone. The S7 with Exynos chipset doesn't exhibit this issue, and even older phones like the S6 don't have any problems with performance.

Unfortunately, we are unable to test this, since we only have the European version of S7 which comes with the Exynos processor.

We are using Unreal Engine 4.17.2 

Does anybody have any idea what might be causing this ?

Oculus was unable to provide us with logs or any other means of debugging this issue, so at this point we are pretty much stuck.

If anybody with an S7 with Snapdragon chipset would be kind enough to help us test this out (and get a free copy of Marble Land for GearVR in the process :) ), we would be extremely grateful.



  • GeorgeCristianTudorGeorgeCristianTudor Posts: 13 Oculus Start Member

    Sadly, yes. We are still struggling with this.

    We've submitted a new build which we've successfully tested on an S7 Edge with Snapdragon, but running Android 7. The submission tests are done on Android 6 though, and unfortunately we have no way of testing this scenario at the moment.

    We just got the results from the latest technical test, and now they appear to experience a crash on this device. 
    It would be awesome if you could help us test it, since right now we're pretty much shooting in the dark.

  • GeorgeCristianTudorGeorgeCristianTudor Posts: 13 Oculus Start Member

    That's what the tech review form says : S7 Edge - Marshmallow . And from the analytics data I figured out that they are testing on the Snapdragon version of S7, the one with the Adreno GPU.
  • Norman3DNorman3D Posts: 63
    Hiro Protagonist
    Are you using OpenGL ES 3.1? The American version of the S7 is considerably slower than the Exynos on ES 3.1
  • GeorgeCristianTudorGeorgeCristianTudor Posts: 13 Oculus Start Member
    We are packaging for both ES3.1 and ES2. Initially we were only using ES3.1 and they reported that it crashed for them. After also adding ES2 support, it no longer crashed for them(i figured that Unreal on Android 6 doesn't support ES3.1) . So I would say that it's running on ES2, but without any logs I can't be sure.
  • evryplace.comevryplace.com Posts: 2
    By the way, we experience same issue with S7 edge with submission. We build our app with GearVRf and on our S7Edge it works like charm (europe version of phone). No help from oculus testing team with that
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