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Error - No Oculus Rift App ID

topofsteeltopofsteel Posts: 22
Brain Burst
I am sometimes getting the error...

"No Oculus Rift App ID has been provided. Go to OvrAvatar > Edit Configuration to supply one
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object, Object)"

It also has been taking a while to start play mode, I think it might be related. Whats going on? How can I fix this? Thanks. 


  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 3,587 Valuable Player

    Have you provided an application ID in the field you referenced?

    You can find this application ID in your developer dashboard in the getting started API section of your application, assuming you have created an application already.
  • a.vegaramirez76a.vegaramirez76 Posts: 4
    Hello! I can not acces to the developer dashboard to check the ID
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