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Multiple Apps Running Without Focus

tl;dr Best way to run a program that accesses head position while a different program is 'in focus'?

I am beginning (play nice, I have no VR dev experience yet) VR development on an application for my honours project 'Creating a VR driving simulator and analysing head movement in VR'.
My main goal as far as an actual application is a program that tracks head position during a session and stores it in a usable data format. I need to be able to run this program while the user is playing a session of 'City Car Driving'. So the app needs to have realtime access the sdk while it is not in focus, or it needs to be an 'overlay' or 'underlay' to the program that's already running. Is this accomplishable? Or do I need to go about it some other way?

Thank you, Otto


  • rk85097rk85097 Posts: 5
    Hi, did you find any solution for this case?  :)
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