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Galaxy S8 freezes reboots, any others have this issue with gearvr?

Gear VR Services latest to date and any other automatic updates.
Unity 5.6.2f1, though tried in 20017 as well

I dont have a crash log right now, but mainly I just want to know if others have been getting freezes or reboots using gearvr unity.
We are using very optimized vertex baked lighting in a lot of mesh objects one realtime spotlight and water reflection.

All of this above has worked marvelously on the S6 and S7. But low and behold the S8 with its fancy new WqHD just simply either freezes or fully reboots when the user turns around a bit in the scene. Its quite random and EXTRA frustrating cause its not easy to pinpoint. We cant simply have one material for everything and this all worked fine on the S6.

If you turn on developer mode in GearVR services to run the app without a head unit and leave it in WQHD does not change the bug BUT if we dial the res back down one notch it does not have any errors.

Ive read issues for cardboard and WQHD as well but theirs being the opposite and other apps unknown but on S8 just simply crashing.

So just wondering if this is a known issue and any known low level hardware workarounds we could try.

Thank youz

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