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SKU is null after purchasing on GearVR, but has the correct value on Rift

edearledearl Posts: 20
Brain Burst
We're doing IAP in Unity on both Rift and GearVR. Here's a code excerpt:

Request request = Oculus.Platform.IAP.LaunchCheckoutFlow(productID);
if (request != null)
                        // Setup callback when complete


        void OnPurchasedItem(Oculus.Platform.Message message)
            if (!message.IsError)
                Oculus.Platform.Models.Purchase purchase = message.GetPurchase();
                if (purchase != null)
                    if (purchase.Sku == null)
                        Debug.LogError("purchase.Sku is null!");

Everything was working correctly until yesterday. Now, the purchase completes successfully, but we see "purchase.Sku is null" on GearVR. Rift is still working correctly - we do not see that message.

Does a null message.GetPurchase().Sku indicate an error condition, or not? Why did it change yesterday?

More info: we are testing IAP using Test Users who are subscribed to a release channel; our app is not yet live.


  • urban2000urban2000 Posts: 2

    We have the same issue described above in our game. We've disabled our in-game shop for the moment.

    Any new info on this issue?
  • sycxsycx Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    Same issue here. relate logs:
    12-26 22:13:44.677 18080 18356 I OVRPlatform: [Purchase] Purchase::deserialize: response object had no field named "sku"
    12-26 22:13:44.678 18080 18356 I OVRPlatform: [OVR_Message] ovr_Message_GetPurchase: caught an OVRPlatformException: message is of type Error, use ovr_Message_GetError() instead
    12-26 22:13:44.679 18080 18356 I OVRPlatform: [OVR_Purchase] ovr_Purchase_GetExpirationTime: got a null handle, returning a zero value
    12-26 22:13:44.683 18080 18356 I OVRPlatform: [OVR_Purchase] ovr_Purchase_GetGrantTime: got a null handle, returning a zero value
    12-26 22:13:44.683 18080 18356 I OVRPlatform: [OVR_Purchase] ovr_Purchase_GetPurchaseID: got a null handle, returning a zero value
    12-26 22:13:44.684 18080 18356 I OVRPlatform: [OVR_Purchase] ovr_Purchase_GetSKU: got a null handle, returning a zero value
  • stevenwirelessstevenwireless Posts: 7

    A fix will be pushed for this issue in next week or so.
    But for the time being, our paying customers will be super frustrated. Any hotfix we could use?
  • urban2000urban2000 Posts: 2
    This is still an issue. We've added the following workaround for our consumable items.

    When IAP.LaunchCheckoutFlow finishes and returns a purchase with Sku set to null. We call IAP.GetViewerPurchases. It will return a list of all consumable purchases that have not been consumed yet (including the purchase that just "failed").

    We go through the list and call IAP.ConsumePurchase to consume the purchase.

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