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VRC Validation - Unity 2017

Arc8ngelArc8ngel Posts: 43 Oculus Start Member
I believe I'm running into some of the same problems @RobAC94 was having.  Since 1.21 runtime hasn't been released yet, I'll assume that TestSDKVersion isn't going to be a problem.  I'm using Unity 2017.2.0f3, and the test shows Engine Version at 0.0.0.  TestLaunchIntoVR also fails, I'm thinking because of the Unity intro screen.  Again, shouldn't be a problem.

TestFrameRate is where I start having other issues that I'm unsure of.  Using --print_fps shows me consecutive 90 fps until "ERROR: INTERNAL ERROR: Events Lost" and then test failure.  I first load to a scene with nothing more than a cube and a single canvas, so I don't know what could be going wrong.

TestSubmitFramesWhenVisible, TestResponseToRecenterRequest, TestAppShouldQuit, and TestAudioOutput all throw the same internal error message and failures.  I see in the docs that I should be polling for "ovr_GetSessionStatus".  I'm guessing some of the 'Events Lost' are in relation to this.  But the code found here in the docs (p 42-44) references variable types that weren't imported with the Unity OVR or Platform packages.  Is there something I'm missing?

My app handles lost focus via Unity's XR.XRDevice.userPresence, and re-centering through XR.InputTracking.Recenter(), audio works fine, and the app can close gracefully.  How do I poll for ovr_GetSessionStatus in Unity/C#?


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