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[AMA Request] Gear VR devs without Oculus funding

In the last Oculus Connect, several mobile VR devs were brought on to talk about their experiences. While insightful, the discussion on financial support was fairly irrelevant to most other devs since it appears everyone on that panel was securely funded by Oculus. As hard as it is to wing it as a working dev on PC & console VR, it's even harder for mobile devs since the level of optimization required is much higher, and the price expectations is much lower which more than offsets the larger install base.

This motivates my interest in getting an AMA from mobile VR devs that have decided to make Gear VR development their livelihood, particularly those that have at least 2 games or a year under their belt. Some questions I'd like to ask such VR devs:
  • Did you seek Oculus funding? If so, what was the reason you were unable to secure it?
  • Do you work fulltime on Gear VR development? If not, what other sources of income keep your team afloat?
  • How large is your team? How do you delegate responsibilities? How do you scope your projects?
  • How has your experience been using the Oculus Store? What other ways do you advertise your title/s?
  • Is there anything you know now that would have affected how you worked on your previous games?
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