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Gear VR Controller Handling Double Trigger Click

Hello guys,

I'm looking for the tutorial on handling a double trigger press from the Gear VR controller. 
I read a tutorial somewhere here on Oculus Forums (or sister sites) but can't seem to find it that's what I'm searching for now.

I would like to ask some of you the structured logic on handling the Gear VR's trigger double click.

The idea that I read from that page was:
Time of Double Click: 1 second.
Trigger Click
Start a timer on click
Trigger Click, now if this click has occurred lesser than the Time of Double Click based on the timer
Then consider this a double click, if not then proceed as normal click.

Now my problem is I can't find where I read that yesterday, history is cleared (nope, I'm doing CCleaner regulary so no ideas ;) )
If someone can link me to a good tutorial regarding this thing is a huge help, or if someone can provide code/tricks on how you handle this would be a huge help too. For now I'm focusing on searching for where I read it im pretty sure it's somewhere here in Oculus Forums.

P.S: I'm a bit new to these stuff I'm still getting used to the SDKs and OVRInputs.


  • billydwightyijiranbillydwightyijiran Posts: 4
    Nevermind I found it, It wasn't a site, it was a script inside the Oculus Utilities called VRInput.cs attached on CenterEyeAnchor used in VRSamples. I found a mouse example there I just changed it to instead Get() the trigger. Thank you!
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