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Can't compile Ocusul 4.18 source. Error

zsmbvzsmbv Posts: 26
Brain Burst

Please help me to compile 4.18 Ocusul version of the UE4, I did it many times, never had any proble, but this is what I see for the first time.

If Ocuslus engine is not ready yet or full of bugs, can someone please upload me GearVR samples from Sample folder, I want to start building a project for GearVR with some kinds of template for 4.18, only thing I have found it is inside Oculus samples folder.



  • juanoldinhojuanoldinho Posts: 131
    Hi and welcome to the Oculus Forums.

    This error is because the path where you are running the setup script to install UE4 is too long. Try installing to a path that is shorter, such as "C:\UE4".

    Please tag me, @juanoldinho, in your forum post/response if you need immediate assistance or want additional support or context on an issue you are having with our software or integrations.

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    Try using our new bug tool to report this and receive emailed updates as we proceed to address it internally.
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