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Different Behaviors in Unity Between Touch Controllers With the Same Script Attached.

BirdmanCDABirdmanCDA Posts: 1
Unity 2017.3.0f3
OculusUtilities v1.18.1
OVRPlugin v1.19.0
OculusSDK v1.22.0


I am working on a project in which one of my mechanics is climbing, when I grab a climbable object with my left hand everything works as is should.

However when I grab with my right hand, everything works the same, except my OVRPlayerController GameObject will not transform on the Y axis.

Both controllers use the same script that uses a public GameObject to tell which controller it is getting input from.

Both controllers are set up in InputManager the same way.

Another interesting thing that I believe is related is when I am holding an object in my right hand, I can take the object with my left hand without letting go of my right, however the opposite cannot be done. When I'm holding an object in my left hand, my right hand cannot take the object until the left hand lets go.

I can answer any questions to clarify as I'm not sure if I've given enough information to fully understand the circumstances.

Here is the relevant code.

Any input would be truly appreciated, thank you.
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