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question for developers about teleportation

Jommy_SwooshJommy_Swoosh Posts: 7

I'm not a gamedesign expert, but I'm hoping to find out if it's easy for developers to customize the way teleporting happens. within unity or unreal engine, or any other tool. for example when using the touch, to have the aim arrow in a straight line with a fixed length instead of a bow, and still retain the ability to rotate where you will be facing (like in robo recall) and then add the ability to switch between 3 lengths with a button in your right hand. You might be asking to yourself  " but why? "  good question. I'm thinking this way you could also teleport to a spot in the air if you are a flying a dragonball z-esque character. you could battle people in the sky appear behind them hit them with great agility. I want to play this. Looking forward to your reactions



  • SlayeminSlayemin Posts: 43 Oculus Start Member
    Teleportation is probably the second worst form of artificial locomotion for VR. It's ultra immersion breaking and puts severe constraints on game design. I recommend starting with Arm Swing and getting more creative with locomotion solutions:
    -Riding a horse: User holds reigns to steer the horse
    -Row boat: User holds oars and pulls them through the water
    -Magic Carpet: User rotates a magical sphere to change orientation
  • waad.hashemwaad.hashem Posts: 13 Oculus Start Member
    @Slayemin I agree with your point, I think that many slow pace games work great with teleportation though. Since we (game designers and developers) need to avoid motion sickness from sudden rotations, we usually tend to use the simplest artificial locomotion solutions like teleportation. Some experimenting comes in handy in this topic, I've tried some locomotion techniques with blinking and it seems to lessen the sickness..Still, every game has it's own best locomotion solutions according to how intense the game is, and what goal the game serves.
    I find teleportation a bit confusing in robo recall, I can hardly last 3 minutes while shooting, rotating and teleporting constantly ..I think  the game is too intense for me to make  more decisions  on where to teleport and which direction while trying to avoid bullets or aim.
  • JacksonGordonJacksonGordon Posts: 138
    edited March 2019
    You might be able to adapt this guide to achieve that, I haven't experimented much with it, yet. 

    I'm not sure how you would do mid-air, I think this implementation requires a collision/hit-box.  But there might be some creative solutions.
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