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Stereoscopic 180 degree 60 FPS 4K Camera Rig

matt-smatt-s Posts: 1
The name kind of explains what I'm looking for.

I need to record 3d stereoscopic videos in 180-degree view. I have been using this camera rig so far http://www.izugar.com/shop/product/z2xl180/.

I can stitch this fine and have a side by side video made, however, it is in 30FPS  only allows 60FPS as 1080p which is very bad looking, to say the least. I need it to be 4K!

From what I'm gathering most producers that achieve this have created custom rigs with high performing DSLR cameras etc.

Does anyone know how I can achieve this Stereoscopic 180 degree 60 FPS 4K Camera Rig?



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