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Unity - Oculus headset stuck in ground, no touch visuals bug?

I currently am just trying to get some basic VR Unity projects going and I downloaded all the packages, loaded up all of the sample projects and my headset is basically stuck at my feet and the touch controllers aren't binding the the in game controllers/don't show up. Movement is also disabled. I'm not sure where to look for a fix, it doesn't seem to be a common problem, especially since they are the load up projects. Anyone ever run into this issue and know a fix?

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  • FlynnPropsFlynnProps Posts: 3
    Accepted Answer
    So I did a "quick" rehash of my entire setup, rebooted everything, reinstalled drivers, new project, the whole thing. And now magically it works? I wish I could have know what more specifically fixed it to help others in the future but i got it working at least.


  • FlynnPropsFlynnProps Posts: 3
    Yes, I do have that checkbox enabled and I followed the documentation to a tee. As well I am using the OVRAvatar Sample scenes LocalAvatar and Controllers just to testing purposes and both of them have the same issue of my headset stuck in the ground and the Touch controllers not binding to the in-game objects and inputs. 

    I have tested that both the headset and controllers work fine as I can leave Unity using the home buttons and the Home instance and a bunch of my VR games play as normal.

    The only thing that might be an issue is I see many people have issues between the framework and Unity 5.6.1f+ and the Oculus, but my problem seems very different from theirs.

    But as far as my versions, Unity 1.6.1f1 and OVR 1.18.1 is what shows up for me.
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