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Social Starter - is it possible to grab objects in a social scene

Is there anything in the Avatar SDK and social starter scene that allows a user to hold and move an object (e.g. using a library like VRTK) and have that objects position/rotation update for all connected people in the scene? I am using Unity, any advice on how to achieve this would be really helpful.


  • l0g1kl0g1k Posts: 47 Oculus Start Member
    You would have to implement it yourself using the P2P layer Oculus provides, but it could get pretty time consuming and there are some limitations (you will have to manually sync the state of objects when a new player joins the room).

    If it's just one simple object it could be OK, but otherwise it would be easier to use Photon if you are on Unity. It will be a bit fiddly to get the avatars working with it I imagine, but once you did that then syncing objects is super easy and it doesn't use P2P so it will scale better with the number of people in the room. 
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