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Launching an Oculus VR (Unity) game on system boot

I have a VR demo that I created in Unity that is being deployed in a retail store. For that reason, we need the app to launch on system boot.

Currently, we're attempting to accomplish this with a Powershell script, but we're hitting an issue: The Oculus home app starts (as expected) but remains in the foreground, with the Unity game running behind it. Also, it seems as though the Unity app is not correctly detecting the Oculus, as I'm just seeing Oculus home on-screen when I put the headset on, rather than the app. To be clear, if I manually launch the app, rather than run the startup powershell script, everything runs correctly.

Any thoughts on how to set this up successfully? Has anyone created a powershell script to launch an Oculus app, without these issues? Is there a method to externally launch Oculus Home apps?
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