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Reset Oculus to a main page(sphere) after a period of inactivity

Hi everyone! I'm new with Oculus and we are doing a campus tour for my school on VR using Oculus, I need a script that would redirect to our main menu after a period of inactivity. If anyone have ideas I would truly appreciate it!


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 982
    This should be fairly straightforward. You need two main elements:
    1) method to detect proximity sensor input. This can be done by subscribing to the following events
    OVRManager.HMDMounted += OnOVRHMDMounted;
    OVRManager.HMDUnmounted += OnOVRHMDUnMounted;
    2) Method to countdown until reset. This should be initialized via the hmd unmounted callback method

    Once the countdown reaches a certain threshold call your reset method, or if the HMD mounted event is called before then, reset the timer

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