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Rift audio interface - how many audio channels does it support? Is a 2.1 configuration possible?

Hi all,
I'm working on a VR experience that will also use haptic feedback (a Buttkicker transducer) in Unreal engine, and I want to have the haptic feedback being controlled by the LFE (subwoofer) channel and not by all the sound from the (front) left and right channels. This works fine while using the integrated sound card (Realtek, supports 5.1 surround) and the haptic feedback plays as it should on the .1 (LFE) channel. While mirroring the Rift's audio to the integrated sound card, the LFE channel is not being played, but the front left and right are being mirrored correctly. Does the mirrored audio from the Rift then, not deliver more than 2.0 stereo out?

Also, does anyone here have any suggestions for configuring the Rift with a 2.1 audio output for driving a transducer device, or perhaps an external subwoofer on the .1 channel?
Note that I'm not looking for a system where all audio is passed to the transducer, as it will not result in a very well controlled haptic experience. I could also just use other headphones than those on the Rift with the computer's soundcard, but the client prefers to use the integrated headphones to make the installation easier to manage. 

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