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Gear VR Social Starter problem: AppID found in Library does NOT match the appID in the bundle


I am trying to run Social Starter Example in Samsung Gear VR using Galaxy S8+. The scene builds and deploys fine on my phone and I can look around in the scene in Gear VR. There are a couple of problems though: the controller/UI does not appear in the app, and the sphere is black which means that the room creation has failed. When digging in further it seems it may have something to do with defining the AppID? I got the AppID from the online dashboard where I created a new app with the same name as my test app. When I log my device via USB I get this error stack:

02-28 17:50:57.298 E/SignatureHelper(31501): Not a trusted user. Do you have Unlockulus or pass the IsTrustedUser gk?
02-28 17:50:57.301 E/ExternalPlatformLocal(31501): AppID found in Library does NOT match the appID in the bundle.
02-28 17:50:57.309 E/ExternalPlatformLocal(31501): AppID found in Library does NOT match the appID in the bundle.
02-28 17:50:57.316 E/ProfileContentProvider(31501): Package not found in library
02-28 17:50:57.316 E/ProfileContentProvider(31501): com.oculus.horizon.service.ExternalPlatformLocal$PackageNotInLibraryException: Package emmistudio.avatartesti not in users library
02-28 17:50:57.316 E/ProfileContentProvider(31501): at com.oculus.horizon.service.ExternalPlatformLocal.getAppID(ExternalPlatformLocal.java:235)
02-28 17:50:57.316 E/ProfileContentProvider(31501): at com.oculus.horizon.provider.ProfileContentProvider.getAppScopedUserID(ProfileContentProvider.java:284)
02-28 17:50:57.316 E/ProfileContentProvider(31501): at com.oculus.horizon.provider.ProfileContentProvider.doQuery(ProfileContentProvider.java:99)
02-28 17:50:57.316 E/ProfileContentProvider(31501): at com.oculus.content.AbstractContentProvider.doQuery(AbstractContentProvider.java:132)
02-28 17:50:57.316 E/ProfileContentProvider(31501): at com.oculus.content.AbstractContentProvider.query(AbstractContentProvider.java:367)
02-28 17:50:57.316 E/ProfileContentProvider(31501): at android.content.ContentProvider$Transport.query(ContentProvider.java:243)
02-28 17:50:57.316 E/ProfileContentProvider(31501): at android.content.ContentProviderNative.onTransact(ContentProviderNative.java:112)
02-28 17:50:57.316 E/ProfileContentProvider(31501): at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:573)
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): Handling exception for soft error
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): com.facebook.common.errorreporting.SoftErrorException: ExternalPlatformLocal | AppID found in Library does NOT match the appID in the bundle.
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): at com.facebook.common.errorreporting.FbErrorReporterImpl.softReport(FbErrorReporterImpl.java:172)
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): at com.oculus.errorreporting.ErrorReporter.softReport(ErrorReporter.java:152)
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): at com.oculus.errorreporting.ErrorReporter.softReport(ErrorReporter.java:104)
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): at com.oculus.horizon.service.ExternalPlatformLocal.getAppID(ExternalPlatformLocal.java:233)
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): at com.oculus.horizon.provider.ProfileContentProvider.getAppScopedUserID(ProfileContentProvider.java:284)
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): at com.oculus.horizon.provider.ProfileContentProvider.doQuery(ProfileContentProvider.java:99)
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): at com.oculus.content.AbstractContentProvider.doQuery(AbstractContentProvider.java:132)
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): at com.oculus.content.AbstractContentProvider.query(AbstractContentProvider.java:367)
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): at android.content.ContentProvider$Transport.query(ContentProvider.java:243)
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): at android.content.ContentProviderNative.onTransact(ContentProviderNative.java:112)
02-28 17:50:57.327 E/ACRA    (31501): at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:573)
02-28 17:50:57.328 D/ACRA    (31501): Generating report file for soft error

Have I missed something in the configuration? I followed the steps in the Social Starter readme to set up the scene and also did the necessary steps to run a Gear VR app (set Virtual Reality Supported in player settings and set build platform as Android). I also searched for the "Not a trusted user. Do you have Unlockulus or pass the IsTrustedUser gk?" error but nothing came up.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Best Answer

  • stellarCaptainstellarCaptain Posts: 5
    Accepted Answer
    I solved it :) I had to upload to app to oculus store in alpha channel and add myself and my test accounts as testers. The upload process wasn't very straightforward because I had to change things in android manifest and also sign the package manually (Unity wouldn't let me sign with V1 and that is what Gear VR needs). Here is a link that describes the problem and here is a youtube video which describes the manual apk signing process. Those helped for me. I hope they will be of help for someone else too.
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