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Errors returned by Oculus are useless

When a user cancels purchasing an in-app product, the error message returned to my app is "Oculus.Platform.Models.Error" from this code:
    private void LaunchCheckoutFlowCallback(Message<Purchase> msg) {
        if(msg.IsError) {
            Debug.LogFormat("An error occured while purchasing: {0}", msg.GetError());
// ...
// non-error code
The error returned when the product SKU is missing from the developer portal is "Oculus.Platform.Models.Error"

As does, apparently, every other error that I've come across.

I've also tried .ToString() and .GetString() (both of which return the same thing as .GetError()).

How bloodly useless, not only can I not tell what happened, but I can't display a message to the user!
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