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How do you build a React VR project as a native app a la VrShell/Oculus Home?

I previously asked the linked question with the assumption that it was possible to even build a native app with React VR, simply because it was so publicly promoted as the framework behind @JohnCarmack's VrShell rewrite. Considering it never got replies, I now realize that even this assumption is not certain. Can anyone from Oculus or otherwise working with React VR clarify if it's possible?
S7 Exynos Nougat. 2017 Gear VR. Public test channel.


  • firagabirdfiragabird Posts: 168

    I mistakenly published this thread in General instead of Mobile Development; may I request it to be transferred to the right category?
    S7 Exynos Nougat. 2017 Gear VR. Public test channel.
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