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Entitlement check error


I am using Unity 2017.3.0f3 and Oculus SDK 1.22.0.

I have started to develp an app for Gear VR and I am trying to complete the guide here https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/platform/1.13/concepts/pgsg-get-started-with-sdk/ but I encountered quite a few issues. Some of them I managed to solve, but after all my efforts I seem to be stuck at receiving error from entitlement check.

Steps I made, following the steps described in the "Configuring for Local Development" section of the get started guide:
  1. I have created an application following the guide here: https://developer.oculus.com/distribute/latest/concepts/publish-create-app/
  2. After a few hours of suffering because of Unity signing the apk with v2, I finally managed to resign it with jarsigner, and managed to upload the binary
  3. I am the admin of my org and also a developer for the build I created for my app
  4. this step is not relevant for me since it is for developers not part of my organization
I have also downloaded and integrated the platform SDK and set up the appID in the settings.

After all that I should be able to successfully go through the entitlement check, according to the guide, but I receive an error. If I just start the game in the Unity editor, I receive the following error code OVR6139226. If I build and run the application on my phone in Gear VR the error message says that the app is not found in the library. 

Can somebody help me out, what am I missing here?


  • andras.naszraiandras.naszrai Posts: 2
    I used the wrong release channel, a new upload to the alpha channel and it works on the phone. Still not working when run in the editor.
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