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Frequency Response data curve?

OlivierJTOlivierJT Posts: 193 Oculus Start Member
Hello Oculus Audio team,

Can you provide me with a Frequency Response data curve (or at least an image)?
My musical project use Unreal Engine and I need change the mixing depending of the hardware used.

Thank you, best,



  • PetrozaPetroza Posts: 149 Oculus Staff
    Hi Oliver,

    If you're looking for the frequency response of the Rift headphones, that has not been published. If you're intending to compensate the frequency response you should be aware that some Rift users don't use the integrated headphones so for those users the compensation curve wouldn't match their headphones.
  • OlivierJTOlivierJT Posts: 193 Oculus Start Member
    Hello Peter,

    Any plans to publish those (I saw someone asked that a year ago)?

    I know also Oculus is doing some equalization to optimize HRTF, but I would still like to have that kind of data.
    Otherwise I will do it myself, but it's going to take some precious resources (hardware-software-time)
    (and I may not be so accurate!)

    I do plan for the user to enter his audio configuration style in game.
  • PetrozaPetroza Posts: 149 Oculus Staff
    No plans to release that information unfortunately. Also we do not compensate in the HRTF for the reasons listed above that we cannot guarantee the user is using Rift headphones.
  • PinkomenoPinkomeno Posts: 6
    edited August 2019
    I do use the Rift's integrated headphones and I woud like to know the FR too. Pliz
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