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Reset Orientation failed

shapesimshapesim Posts: 18 Oculus Start Member

My app just failed Oculus's VRC.PC.Input.3:

  • The app fails to reorient the current direction to forward when choosing to reset view from the Universal Menu.

I should have OVRManager active and its 'AllowRecenter' is true. Otherwise the only change is to TrackingOriginType is set to Floor Level instead of Eye Level. 

So I don't understand what could be wrong?

VRC.PC.Input.3 is the only technical failure by the way. The other failures are image/logo related

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  • shapesimshapesim Posts: 18 Oculus Start Member
    edited April 2018
    Using Unity 2017.4 and the latest software integration downloaded a month ago.

    I believe the fail may be from how Oculus SDK handles 'Reset View' after teleportation which we use: 

    Once the player teleports, the next time the player performs a 'Reset View' may actually not reset as expected. Subsequent 'Reset View' as long as not teleported again will behave correctly.

    Moreover, I found that other approved apps that use teleportation such as RecRoom
    also exhibits this problem after teleportation.

    So if this is the reason for the fails, we cannot fix this. How can I get in touch with the reviewer to let him/her know? 


    VR toys & playsets

  • shapesimshapesim Posts: 18 Oculus Start Member
    edited April 2018
    sorry the italics was not intentional. It's a description of what we observe. 

    Our app supports teleport. So I compared with other app that supports teleport. The one I tried was RecRoom. It has the same behaviour as I described.

    Then again I may be getting ahead of myself. The VRC.PC.Input.3 fail the reviewer simply stated it doesn't work. So I had to dig around for possibilities since we can't reproduce. Eventually I observed the behaviour described above, and thought maybe that's what the reviewer saw.

    reviewer's latest response is I should talk to submissions.

    Friendly suggestion: it would be nice the review could confirm or deny my explanation in the 'note to reviewer' section.

    VR toys & playsets

  • priyanka.kottepriyanka.kotte Posts: 3
    I have also add the OVRManager script to my main camera and in player setting I unchecked the "run in background" but I am still getting the same issue. Did you get the solution for this?
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