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What is a proper blueprint for pausing the game in Unreal 4 when headset looses focus?

Having a hard time getting the game to to recognize when the hmd has focus or not. Would appreciate an example blueprint of how others achieved this in unreal 4.
Am using version 4.18.3.
oculus sdk 1.21


  • seafoodchaseafoodcha Posts: 2
    Hi bro did you find any solution? have the same problem here
  • remozremoz Posts: 69
    Hiro Protagonist
    what specifically do you both mean by loosing focus?
    • are you talking about the tracking?
    • do you mean, geometry starts "jumping" or being "jittery" or "laggy"?
    • or do you mean, that the focal lens get's blurry, and your vision just get's blurry?
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