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Producing VR 3D environment from HDRI map texture

PaulElmoPaulElmo Posts: 1
Hello Guys,

I hope you guys all doing well!? I have a question regarding to the HDRI maps as may some of you have a bit of experience in this field especially for Oculus Rift platform!

I've been trying to achieve a 3D landscape from this HDRI map https://hdrihaven.com/hdri/?h=rooftop_day (Also I highly recommend this website for others ​:)!).

I even decided to render in Maya few images from the orthographic perspective but unfortunately still no luck.


Do you if so have some experience in reproducing 3D environments just from HDRI map? Is there any other method to reconstruct 3D models just from images and use them to create environment? 
Thank you in advance
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