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How do I test Matchmaking in Unity?

FunJumprFunJumpr Posts: 8
Brain Burst
I'm trying to implement the matchmaking functions of the Platform SDK in Unity. When using my developer account as the login the SDK responses seem normal as per the documentation. What I need to know is how would I go about creating two instances of the app to create a room in one instance and try connecting to it in another.


  • AlanOTooleAlanOToole Posts: 135 Oculus Start Member
    What I normally do is create a build and run that. Then I run, and connect, using the Unity editor.

    Does that help?
  • FunJumprFunJumpr Posts: 8
    Brain Burst
    So I'm able to connect to the room and get a UserList using the unity editor and a build of the app but can't connect to the other user. Now, when I send the Platform.Net.Connect() there's no response. Have you had any success beyond creating rooms with this method?
  • JevsevarJevsevar Posts: 11 Oculus Start Member
    I am having a similar issue when testing simple quickmatch matchmaking in Unity. I use the Standalone credentials and have tried my personal oculus login as well as test users (created on the oculus developer dashboard). My question here is do I need to upload the build as an Alpha Version to the Oculus Store to test the matchmaking or can I just use a Standalone build + the Unity Editor window? 

  • JevsevarJevsevar Posts: 11 Oculus Start Member
    Figured it out! So you can test with a standalone build and the editor window (no uploading to the developer portal required). The trick is that you have to create a test AND add the test user to the Member Management > Developers Section on the Oculus developer portal. 

    Now moving onto create designated spawn locations for users when they join a match. 
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