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OVROverlay render depth conflict with Pixvana video player

sonofbrycesonofbryce Posts: 17
edited March 2018 in Unity Development

I'm running into an issue using the OVROverlay with Gear VR. The OVROverlay works fine at first, as expected, but it seems that after playing a video in Pixvana at runtime, going back to the OVROverlay video is rendered in the correct place but seems like it's at the wrong depth. It looks closer than the plane actually is. It seems like the Pixvana stuff is accessing Oculus render textures and other magic things so I'm wondering if there's a conflict somehow.

Looking at OVROverlay, it's not quite clear to me how it determines what depth(distance) to render the texture at. Is it possible to reset this distance or force it to update to the correct position of the plane its being rendered to? Any ideas of what the problem my be?




  • sonofbrycesonofbryce Posts: 17
    Just wanted to say thanks for the quick response @imperativity ! The issue ended up being resolved by updating the Pixvana library.
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